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About the Show

Gaulcast delves into the history of Gaulish polytheism, as well as the reconstruction of it today with hosts Artocatos Taranicnos and Branogarâ Morimagi

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Hosts Branogarâ Morimagi & Artocatos Taranicnos

Artocatos started this podcast to bring Gaulish Polytheism to a wider spectrum of people. He brought in Branogarâ as a co-host coming into the second episode to add another voice and deepen the spectrum of what they talk about. So settle in, kick back, and enjoy the show. 


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I have been a generically Celtic Polytheist for 20 years, dedicated for most of that time to An Morrighan and Cernunnos. About five or so years ago I became dedicated to Cathubodua as well, and then this year I had the honor of being called to worship Camulus as well. This call came with an unexpected finding of a home in Gaulish Polytheism. Something that is entirely new to me, and that I am learning about and growing with on a constant basis.



Artocatos Taranicnos Tegos Dervocradii has been a Gaulish Polytheist and Norse/Comtniental Germanic Heathen since 2019 and is devoted to the tribes and Dêwoi (Gods) of the Transalpine region specifically the Swiss Alps. The Helvetii are his main passion and focus and he considers himself a Helvetian Druit (Druid). Artocatos is part of the Toutâ Galation media commitee, one of the founding members of Bessus Nouiogalation (BNG), and blogger for his WordPress site Nemeton Eluêtion (Helvetian Nemeton). He also spends his time creating devotional art, jewelry, and wooden idols to honor the Gods.

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